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Recap: Fashion Night Out 2012

September 12th, 2012 — 8:46am

It is officially the end of summer and Fall fashion is in the air which was exactly the case for Fashion’s Night Out in Miami!

This year I decided to attend the events at Village of Merrick Park in Coral Gables and then of course head to my favorite boutique Haus Fashion Lab where your beloved “ASMI” pieces can be found.

So to quickly recap lets begin with  a few pics from the Fashion Show at Neiman Marcus:

 (Photos by Anastasiya Dyagileva:

From Neiman Marcus I just had to pass by the festivities at SAWA restaurant also located in Village of Merrick Park; they  are well known for their custom cocktails and their red carpet was  also rolled out  for  Fashion’s Night Out events.

Myself and manager of Sawa Restaurant & Lounge , Chelsea Crisler

Then it was off to Haus Fashion Lab located in the Wynwood’s Art District for a bit of a “See, Sip & Shop”!

Here I am with owner of Haus Fashion Lab, celeb stylist & MUA Emilio Uribe

Time for the ASMI outfit break down:

I decided to decorate an ASMI pencil dress with a piece from my belt skirt collection but instead of wearing it the traditional way around the waist, I wore it around the neck for a shawl effect. This belt skirt was made from batik I purchased in Barbados blended with organic silk.

That’s about it for my recap of Fashion’s Night Out, I enjoyed it and all the fashion to the fullest and I look forward to finally dressing up in my fall ASMI designs for fashion events and of course just for you I shall be blogging about each one!

Also feel free to comment or visit the ASMI facebook page ( and “like” to stay informed of my new designs and ventures! We are also on twitter @asmidesigns

Till Next Time


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SFG’s Cover Party – White Hot Summer Night at the Mayfair – August 18, 2012

August 21st, 2012 — 5:54am

Hello Everyone!!

I do hope you all had a great weekend and are having a productive week thus far. I am trying my best to make this week as productive as possible but I cannot help but reminisce about the events of the past weekend which included me attending South Florida Guide’s Cover Party at the Mayfair Hotel & Spa.


It was the magazine’s 12th edition party with a white hot summer night theme; needless to say it was an elegant and impressive event! Delightful cocktails were provided by Tequila Revolucion and appetizers were provided by the Mayfair.

Everything about this Cover party was on point, from the breathtaking venue, to the cocktails, tasty appetizers and of course hands down to the fabulous attendees dressed in their sexy all-white.

For those of you who have not picked up your 12th edition of SFG magazine, please do so and enjoy my sneak peak of the event below :)


The fabulous Jose Caba!

Evelyn Almonte of Merrick Park’s Jimmy Choo looking as gorgeous as ever!

Director of SFG, Bonnie Kilpatrick

So a bit about my outfit, initially I wanted to wear a white cocktail dress to match the white theme but since it was also a summer party I decided to go with a fun pair of shorts,  sheer blouse and of course my new ASMI clothing accessory; the  mini wrap.

This wrap can be worn in a variety of ways, a couple of examples are below:

But here is how I wore it, front and back in one shot!

That’s all for this post, I do hope you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it, feel free to check and “like” the ASMI facebook page for updates on upcoming designs and remember ASMI is also on twitter

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Skaist Taylor Preview Party @ Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour – August 8, 2012

August 14th, 2012 — 7:10am

On Wednesday Aug 8th, I attended the Skaist Taylor Preview Party for their new Fall collection held at the Neiman Marcus in  Bal Harbour Florida.

This was an excellent event, just before the Fashion show began,’s fashion contributor, Elysze Held conducted a brief and entertaining question and answer session with Gela Nash Taylor and Pamela Skaist- Levy, the founders of Juicy Couture and designers of Skaist Taylor.

As if this spectacular fashion show was not enough, complimentary makeovers were also provided by Estee Lauder and Le Metier; mini manicures featuring Chanel’s fall color palette were provided by Midtown Miami’s Nail Bar  and cocktails were served courtesy of Chambord.

Here’s a sneak peak of the event:

Gela Nash Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy of Skaist Taylor

Skaist Taylor Preview Fall 2012

Skaist Taylor Preview Fall 2012

Skaist Taylor Preview Fall 2012

(from left to right) Casting Director Claudia Jean, Skaist Taylor Model Serlena Breed, (myself), Manager of Jimmy Choo (Merrick Park) Evelyn Almonte)

Of course I had to grab a pic with one of my favorite fashion bloggers Niani Tolbert of The Fierce Fantasy

Model Serlena Breed worked the runway!!!

Now time for the ASMI outfit details! I knew for this event I wanted a simple but elegant look so I grabbed one of my ASMI fitted pencil dresses but it needed something extra to finish it and just a couple nights prior I  made a neck piece and the two worked well together!!

Here is the process broken down in one shot:

I was so pleased with my ASMI neckpiece/waistband :) that I shall be designing a few more with different prints and trims and of course I shall blog about about each one! For more photos of this event do visit my ASMI facebook page and of course  click “like” to stay tuned!!

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Cosmo’s Fab 40 Beach Bash – July 5, 2012

August 14th, 2012 — 4:19am

I do hope all is well and everyone is enjoying this hot summer!! So lets jump into it, its time to discuss events! The first event that I am going to blog about is Cosmo’s  Fab@40 Beach Bash I attended over the weekend at Nikki Beach, Miami Fl.

Cosmopolitan en español , the leading Spanish-language fashion and beauty magazine celebrated its 40th anniversary with a truly fabulous Beach Bash.

This event included a welcome drink, cocktail specials, a Polaroid photo booth and hors d’oeurves for all guests. I must say the moment I walked in being greeted with such treats my evening started with a bang.

 The popular “Sweet & Tipsy” cupcakes were also provided and for those of you in the South Florida area that have never tasted  these delightful cupcakes, do find them and treat yourselves for they are truly sweet and may make you tipsy;) With flavors such as “Ay Mi Amorcito Mojito and Frida Margarita, these cupcakes are inspired by our favorite cocktails and I must say this is the best way to enjoy a cocktail combined in a cupcake. For more information about Sweet & Tipsy Cupcakes do check out their facebook page at  .

To add to the theme of the evening cosmetic booths were available for those guests who wanted to have fun with pink extensions, of course, I indulged!

As if I was not on Cloud 9 already, especially from the cupcakes, the first 250 guests received an exclusive VIP gift bag and I am pleased to report that I was one of those guests and I LOVE my bag and my gifts that were included!!

My Gifted Goodies!!

 Of course I just had to pose with my gift bag, my pink extension and my cosmo sunglasses that I was also welcomed with!

Now time for the ASMI outfit details! As it was a beach party I wore my swimsuit but I decided to wear an ASMI sheer, sexy dress as a cover, this dress was perfect since it was not only sheer but had a slit from the arm to the waist to  show the swimsuit for that beach party look but still maintaining  an elegant touch.

I am also very pleased to announce that ASMI designs are now available at The Loft Boutique located at 3190A Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove FL 33133  and Haus Fashion Lab located at 2527 NW 2nd Ave, Miami FL 33127 and finally do not forget to  ”like” the facebook page at :)

That’s all for now, I not only enjoyed this event but I also enjoyed blogging about it and sharing my design!

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Vacation/Workation Recap! – January 20, 2012

August 14th, 2012 — 3:38am

First of all let me begin by saying Happy New Year, Belated Seasons Greetings and all that good stuff as I am now blogging way after the holidays are over but I do have good reason.  I decided to head to sweet sweet Barbados for the holidays and spend some quality time with friends, family and of course great food!! But while here I also launched my fashion line ASMI which included photoshoots, a morning show and a magazine article which I will be sharing with you.

I must say that this trip was an intense one for me, I felt as if I was truly coming out of my shell or breaking out  of it, so along with the anxious and excited feelings, I also felt a bit vulnerable and scared thinking about the feedback I would receive on my designs.  I usually blog about my ASMI pieces but a launch on such a public scale gave me the nerves; however I can easily say it made it all the better that I was home with a great team surrounding me and I am grateful. My family was with me every step of the way, my mother attended the first photoshoot and morning show with her bag of snacks, apples and tea for the models, my nephew and niece became my fashion assistants and I had on board the best make up artist and photographer!!! Big Shout out to Renee Ifill and her company Next2Natural!!! and photographer Ryan Wills. Renee’s work is simply amazing, she transformed my models who also brought my designs to life and my photographer had the locations and shots planned out perfectly, with such a team the photoshoots and  launch on a whole was a success and I truly appreciate all the positive feedback and encouragement I have received since. I can look back on all of the events and truly   say I enjoyed every minute.

To give you a better idea and so you can see the process first hand I took some behind the scenes photos to show you and then of course you will see the final results :)

Now onto Photoshoot Part 1 and its process:

Of course we started with the make up which began about 2 hours before the shoot, so here in these shots we have Renee busy at work while I was fluttering around with the nerves!

And we were ready to hit the road!!

After make up we rushed down to our location, which was the south coast of the island on the boardwalk, we were rushing since it was an evening shoot so we had to have everything done by sunset….and….another reason for rushing was because my family were already on the location waiting over an hour with apples, snacks and of course tea!! Oh how I love them.

On location!! On the south coast of beautiful Barbados!!


And there you have your sneak peak:) for the results of this successful photo shoot feel free to see the results in the collections tab on this site.

 Again much thanks to Renee Ifill, Next2Natural Makeup Artistry, Ryan Willz Photography, models, Claire Yarde and Rhea Cummins-Jordan and of course my family and friends for their amazing support!!
To see more behind the scenes shots  from this shoot feel free to visit ASMI’s facebook page and ‘like’ it to stay tuned :)

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The Diva Lounge

January 15th, 2012 — 8:13pm

Hello folks!
I hope everyone is having a great week so far and has had a wonderful weekend. My week was busy as usual but over the weekend I got the chance to attend an amazing event; the Miami launch of The Diva Lounge.

The Diva Lounge, founded and hosted by popular media personality Shayna D hosts exclusive networking events giving women in similar fields the chance to meet, interact and even build future relationships. These Diva Lounge events take place in New York, DC, Atlanta and now Miami. It was an excellent opportunity to meet some amazing, powerful ladies and to of course, make a toast to the Miami Mavens who were honored at this event for their unbelievable contribution to the industry.

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Vixen Designs at The Denim Bar!!!

January 15th, 2012 — 8:10pm

I do hope everyone had a great and relaxing week and of course I must check in and let you  know how my week went. I am at a point in my life where i am trying to find balance, I find myself rushing here there and everywhere and this rushing is proving to not be the best thing, this realization hit home for me as I was rushing around on Saturday, had to stop for gas and then drove off with my purse on top of my car. Yes, I admit, I was that scattered person, but thanks to good and calm friends and a good samaritan I found all my belongings and all is well.  (oh and thanks to traffic lights since my belongings were in the middle of the busy street!) But onto more fashionable and fabulous moments!!!

Over the weekend I attended a fabulous event hosted by the legendary Monie Love. All those familiar with the Hip Hop story would know of female legends such as Queen Latifah and Monie Love and on a side note for all you ladies out there who sometimes need some encouragement and motivation, I suggest listening to the Queen Latifah’s  Ladies First featuring Monie Love.

Now on to the event, which was held at my new favorite place, the Denimbar, we got first look at Monie’s launch of her  ‘Vixen Designs ‘. I must say, it was an amazing event, held on a Sunday afternoon, I got the chance to meet and greet many, enjoy delicious appetizers (which I  am still craving, big shout out to Haitian sensation Erica the Chef!!) and after we all had a bite and got to know each other, we all had a chance to do what ladies do best, shop till we drop!

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